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We are a consulting firm with a team that has decades of experience in obtaining approvals of projects including all four types of Accessory Dwelling Unit’s (ADU) or a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit’s (JADU) on a timely basis with reasonable conditions of approvals.

We get approvals for ADUs, in-law suites, backyard cottages, secondary units, and Granny flats, which are additions to your home or new structures on your property. Our experienced team helps you arrive at the best solution for your home and lifestyle.


An accessory dwelling unit can be any of these

Detached ADU

A stand-alone unit separate from the main house and usually situated in the backyard. Renters love them!

Garage Conversion

You can convert your garage to an accessory dwelling unit and either keep it the existing size or expand it beyond the garage’s footprint.

Over-Garage ADU

A popular option when homeowners don’t want to lose the garage and can afford to build over it.

Attached ADU

Attached to the primary house, these ADUs often are converted garages. You’re also allowed to build a new ADU and have it attached to the main house if you want to.

ADU Converted From Existing Space

You’re allowed to convert space within your home to an ADU. This includes spaces like basements, attics, master bedroom suites, and rec rooms/permitted as JADUs.

Granny Flat Over the Garage

An above-garage ADU is also the ideal way to add housing while saving the garage itself, with its valuable storage space and secure place to park your vehicles.


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Regardless of whether you have a single-family dwelling and want to convert your basement or car garage into a JADU which is attached to the main structure which cannot exceed 500 sq. ft., or a single-family home can have one free standing ADU unit up to 1,200 sq. ft. and one JADU 400 s. ft. unit. Duplex owners can add up to two full free standing ADU units.

If you own an apartment building and you have a recreational unit that is underused, this will qualify and can be converted into an ADU and, in addition provided there is space, additional free-standingor other types of units can be added as well.


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